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The Bright Future of Commercial Real Estate Amid a Remote Work Revolution

A revolution is upon us. The way we work has fundamentally changed, as a significant number of companies are now embracing remote work models. This seismic shift has prompted questions about the future of commercial real estate (CRE). However, even if everyone decides work from home is here to stay, the CRE industry is still poised to succeed.

Is Embracing AI Inevitable?

Curiosity, Fear of Being Left Behind, and the Staying Power of Legacy Systems.

The Subtle Art of Data Conversion

To ensure a smooth and successful data conversion, it is essential to have a well-structured plan in place and a thorough verification process to validate the accuracy of the data in the new system.

The Benefits of Hiring an Outside Professional for Software Implementations

While it may be tempting to assign the critical task of software implementation to an existing internal employee, there are numerous advantages to bringing in an outside professional.

Why You Should Use A Dedicated Loan Servicing System Rather Than Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets offer a fine early method for new lenders, but there are multiple advantages to using a purpose built loan servicing system.

Implementing New Investment Management Software - A Case Study

Defining and outlining the project is helpful, but even the perfect plan won’t be successful, unless people know how to implement the change.

Pretty UI Is Eroding The Competitive Nature Of Business

Companies and users now seem to be focusing more on how a system looks based on an assumed belief that polished UI correlates to a "better" system.