Find Amazing People And Their Ideas
We're all looking for great people to work with,
but the world is different now. This site offers a new way.
We Ask A Lot Of Questions
We Do This Because The Answers Given Offer A Glimpse Into What A Person Is Really Like.

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We Believe Big Ideas Drive Progression
Add Your Ventures And Tell The World.

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Jobs... Everyone Wants A Job... Enough Already
Instead, Find A Passion With Good People

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It's all about the questions.
A business is an answer - pure and simple. It's a solution to some problem. So these founders, employees, and team members who solve these problems need to ask a thousand questions.

This is how we get to know each other.
In the time before nextcept
The internet has created a world of simplicity. Information is just a click away. But it's harder and harder to create meaningful relationships with people - especially ones you might build a company with or to help solve some business problem.
Great ideas change the world.
There's a logic to the madness.
Improve How You Meet People
Likes, follows, random comments, basically all of social media is shallow. You can't learn anything about anyone.

We offer a unique question style approach to structure how you come to meet and get to know one another.

Meet your co-founders by getting to know them without pressure.
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