End Rating

Discover great movies. Rating the end of a movie based on certain aspects - how you feel, does it make you think, etc.

Built By: Tom

Looking For: People to give feedback.

Stage: Launched - just chilling with many current goals. Wanting to see what people think.

Purpose: To find great movies and to protect the world from wasting two hours to be horribly depressed - I'm looking at you Alpha Dog, or Layer Cake, or any other movie that is pretty great until the last couple minutes to seconds. Ex machina - what was that?

Technology: mvc, the movie database API, various js frameworks, and others.

Why: We're not sure if anyone does, but we do. Movies shouldn't be about reality - they've got to lift us in some way.

Nothing to see here.

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/Question Posted By Christy
I tend to enjoy movies with more serious endings that could be expected in reality. They might not be the happiest of endings though - does this site support my "type"?
Added On: 01/27/2019 Comments: 1
/Post Posted By End Rating
Some people like movies with endings that fit with reality. Am I wrong that people should watch a movie to get pumped up, to feel enthusiasm, or for some other beneficial reason? Who wants to watch something for two hours just to see the main character lose?
Added On: 01/09/2019 Comments: 1