We provide a cloud based augmented reality rock climbing experience that allows commercial climbing gyms to provide member enhancements. Our software allows the climbing gyms to use their own computers, projectors, and climbing walls. This allows for an inexpensive scalable experience that can be used everyday for training or for special events and birthday parties.

Built By: Garnet

Looking For: Randori has a proof of concept done and an early MVP out in the market I am looking to build a team to develop my solution faster and enter more markets. The first step will be finding a passionate rock climber or fitness buff with a strong technical background to be a cofounder and CTO.

Stage: We are out to market with a good MVP and working to dial in product market fit.

Purpose: The ultimate purpose is to support the gyms that use us and make climbers stronger while having more fun.

Technology: We use computer vision, cloud based Augmented Reality, Vue, Ruby on Rails, and automated marketing tools.

Why: We are going to make climbers stronger, get gyms more members, and help them keep the members that they do have coming back month over month.

CTO/Technical cofounder
Randori builds augmented rock climbing games for gyms. We are looking to develop more faster and need an extra experienced set of hands to help out. We currently have an MVP out to market with a good proof of concept. The next step is to dial in product-market fit and work on sales and marketing. There are also additional products in the R&D stage that need to be built.
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/Post Posted By Randori
Hey everybody! Welcome to Nextcept! I've enjoyed the interview question format immensely. If you would like to set up an augmented reality rock climbing event for your company or your customers in Boulder or Denver let me know.
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