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Denver, CO
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I'm Looking For
Looking for Mobile & Web developers
Quick Summary
Experienced Founder w/expertise in FinTech, Markets, Software, Consulting, more
I Enjoy
Starting businesses, growing sales, solving problems, selling stuff, raising capital, financials, skiing, mountains, exercise, a good debate, much more
My Skills
Founder/CEO/CFO skills, financials, capital raising, sales and marketing, PR & creating a buzz/getting media coverage/traction, investing/trading, reading people, writing, strategy
My History
I've started a handful of businesses from construction, sales, consulting, tech, finance, travel, cannabis, crypto/blockchain, ecommerce, and more. Former floor trader/broker/finance guy. Some of my ventures have been quite successful - I've been featured in the media (I was the lead story on the highest-rated documentary on CNBC from 2014-2015 for a travel group I founded), and have been featured on ABC, NBC, CBC, FOX, CNN, CNBC, NY Times, DenPo, Time, Newsweek, Forbes,BBC, VICE, and many more. As a consultant, I've raised millions for client startups.
I'm Building
I'm currently working on a number of projects including: building a house, building a few startups (raising capital and seeking technical talent). Projects I'm working on now are in the cryptocurrency space (a few of them), a Mobile App in the political space, and also a retail business targeting startups of all kinds.

Peter's Ventures
CirculatorPro Established: 04/10/2019
Mobile/Web application serving professional petition circulators & campaigns

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