Some people like movies with endings that fit with reality. Am I wrong that people should watch a movie to get pumped up, to feel enthusiasm, or for some other beneficial reason? Who wants to watch something for two hours just to see the main character lose?

Posted By: Tom

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I need to have at least some fear that something bad might happen. When you watch some TV show where the people always succeed - the experience becomes very different than from something like Game of Thrones where folks get killed off in a moments notice. Certain movies end badly based on the events that happen, but it doesn't mean the movie ended badly. Look at the movie the Arrival - some people thought it was too slow, but if you enjoyed it the ending is fairly dark while also really thought provoking.
Submitted By: Cynthia

This is a good point, maybe there could be less emphasis on a happy ending.

Submitted By: Jarred

To some degree these criteria are taken into account, but the rule that exists, if only for calculation purposes, is that a movie ending happy is better than a movie ending sadly.

Submitted By: Tom