Pitch to Developers - February

Event Date: 4/9/2020 6:00:00 PM

Galvanize Boulder, CO 80302

Pitching Ventures

nextcept - We're looking for marketing people.
Summary: A startup network focused on progression.
Purpose: We believe in moving forward and getting stuck sucks. We've built this tool to help people make connections with people who can actually help. Many groups, meetups, apps, and other services attempt to get people together. But in their situations, the end goal is to meet. Our end goal is to solve specific problems.
Technology: mvc, Azure, SQL, various JS frameworks, sendgrid, stripe, others
Goal: Looking to learn about what's needed to help developers and founders come together.
Stage: Prototype/Beta
Established: 12/04/2018
TellMeWhatImWorth - - Technology professionals that are curious if they are being paid under market or are looking for leverage to ask for a raise - Companies that are hiring
Summary: We help technology professionals find out their current market value by getting estimates from companies looking to hire for their skillset.
Purpose: To help technology professionals negotiate better salaries with their current company or a new one
Technology: python/django/react
Goal: To meet companies that are trying to hire and technology professionals that are curious if they could be earning more
Stage: Beta
Established: 01/10/2020
Reverbb -
Summary: Interactive way to be remembered
Purpose: This idea came to me when I lost a friend of mine to cancer. It ravaged him and he died within 18 months of diagnosis. He left his wife and two year old daughter behind. When I want to remember my friend, all I have is basically his Facebook profile. All his daughter will have to know her dad is his Facebook profile and pictures. I just don't think that is anyway to be remembered. I will change this. Because there is something all people have in common.......death. How do you want to be remembered?
Technology: Mobile application
Goal: To meet people that might be interested in my idea to help with developing of finacing.
Stage: Start up
Established: 01/16/2020

People Attending

Tom - I'm looking to meet motivated people.
I'm a developer who enjoys business strategy. My skills includes: .Net, c#, front-end, web hosting, various other web languages, contract negotiation, system architecture, business development, and I enjoy Running, building, and figuring out how to implement my ideas.
Registered: 07/19/2019
vicki - I am looking for a developer to create an app that will use my CRM to create communication
My skills includes: Sales, finance, operations, , and I enjoy problem solving, selling
Registered: 08/20/2019
Beekey -
My skills includes: , and I enjoy
Registered: 08/25/2019
Jake - I am looking for social and networking opportunities within the startup community
My skills includes: I am a full stack Javascript developer, with experience using the React and React native frameworks,, and I enjoy I enjoy tinkering on hobby projects, whether it is something as small as making a chat bot, or as large as making a game
Registered: 09/05/2019
Thadeus -
My skills includes: , and I enjoy
Registered: 02/24/2020