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Posted By: Tom
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Hello motivated person,

We are figuring some things out and we're glad you're here - we need your help.

Imagine for a moment, that you've decided to climb Everest.

You can see the summit for days, the path is hard but you still know where to go.  The summit is right fucking there - you just have to make it.

Now swap out the summit of Everest for a profitable and growing company - you can still "see" what you want, but the path is gone and the summit is ten miles up just floating in space.

Our focus and our goal is to define this path where possible.

Nextcept is a venture network, a user network, and a tool to find the way.

Obviously, we have some grand aspirations and we could easily be delusional, but any great accomplishment began with the question of what if.

So with or with out you, we're moving forward, but it would certainly be easier with you.

But, we have to start somewhere and we're focusing on the team.

We didn't leave college with a group of complimentary skilled friends who all happen to be ready to build the next facebook.

Quick - imagine this (we like to day dream) - you're in the dating world.  

You assume there is an ideal match out there for you, and they are probably even nearby, but you have no idea how to find them.

Date after date goes by and you slowly develop a general list of questions that this candidate might answer correctly.  Perhaps there isn't even a correct answer you're looking for - just something surprising and interesting.

Coffees, dinners, it takes so much time.

We don't really like the comparison, but we do see the similarities between dating and finding a co-founder.

So assume there was suddenly a way to see a person's answers to "your" set of questions.  Or better yet, if you could see everyone's answers so that you could find the best ones.

Our belief is that you'd quickly be able to find the ones you appreciate the most.

We're looking for unique ways to structure this path to the summit - remember.

This is step 1 - make people share thoughts and ideas to come together.

If you think this is interesting - please join us and share your ideas.

Thank you,

The nextcept team.