Assuming you create stories (daydreams) in your head, what might a typical one entail?

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The only thing I love more than starting a company is growing a company.
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I enjoy the start up process, growth (ramp-up), and scaling up the enterprise worldwide.
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business plan writing, generating quality ideas (not just quantity), research & development, leadership
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failed, and refused to stay down.
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projects: a land company, a privacy startup, a registry for singles (but not for dating nor friendship), a corporate farm, contract research organization (for-profit), and consulting for entrepreneurs

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Assuming you create stories (daydreams) in your head, what might a typical one entail?

J . 's Answer
I stopped daydreaming in kindergarten after the teacher complained. The world is a poorer place because of it but I liked my short-signted vision-less teacher anyway. I recently started daydreaming again after a lifetime of avoiding such activity and my stories are always the same: Making the world pristine again, free of pollution, throwing all the national leaders (they are all sociopaths) into prison and welding the bars shut, abolishing war by bankrupting the aerospace companies that pour billions into lobbying for war (it is how they make a profit), enforcing the space treaties that ban militarization of space so that people can peacefully settle other world without fear of being blown to bits by military or by terrorists, privacy of consumers & citizens up to European standards, no famine, no hunger, clean water for all humans, clean air for all humans, no micro-plastic in rain, and much more great things. My motives for creating this better world are wanting to be a decent person, practicality (hey, I'm exposed to land, air and water pollution and carcinogens same as you), and becoming extremely rich by doing all this. Oh, and I don't want any thanks or credit or fame. Let other people take the bows. I prefer to do the work and keep my privacy.

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