What's the best saying you've ever heard?

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I'm Looking For
Funding/investors and or Blockchain developer to create a blockchain from scratch for my startup, Ellani☔️Software Solutions. Ellani☔️ needs, a blockchain, cryptocurrency, DEX, e-wallet, smart contracts,
Quick Summary
I’m in the business of WorldPeace, Preservation of Life and Financial Freedom for all, In sha Allah ( if God wills) Amen.
I Enjoy
Eating, sleeping, praying, growing, reading, writing, thinking, planning, doing, solving problems/puzzles
My Skills
Sex, drive, write, praying, peacekeeping, war prevention, Wealth creation, storytelling
My History
Stayed alive.
I'm Building
My startup Ellani☔️Software Solutions is a family of dApps with two major dApps, Islamic banking with a twist and ridesharing. • Ellani☔️One Love World Peace Bank is the one and only true One World Bank with its own cryptocurrency known as Sadaqah Love Tokens, STLs are backed by God🕋 secured by women👛 for humanity🌮 verified through Islam🕋. STLs are better than an STO because it’s just Trust in God that a woman is a natural born real woman who is female, this is truth which is required for blockchain. Women are the banks and the Ellani☔️Software helps them see that. Love is worth more than gold. Do you accept Love? And women are the physical manifestation of God’s Love which is the gift that keeps on giving. The Ellani☔️Software makes all the world’s currency one. •Ellani☔️Autonomous Driver/Rider is a ridesharing dApp for women by women with the choice to pick up men as riders with his wives and/or a female mahram (unmarriageable kin) this way both Driver and Riders are safe, In sha Allah(if God wills), amen. •A biometrics system known as the Female Verification System, FVS allows for women to govern/decentralize themselves by verifying a woman is a natural born real woman who is female in order to avoid being compromised by bad actors i.e. “trans women who are men” this is a lie, this is the only way blockchain could be hacked by a woman accepting a lie as the truth, which is financial suicide... so lying is really bad. Also women can use their biometrics as public/private keys using QR codes.

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What's the best saying you've ever heard?

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