In life, is it better to be an asshole or easy going?

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MBA looking for passionate co-founder(s) with ability to develop
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MBA graduate who wants to make travel accessible to mobility continuum
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Strategy | Marketing | Messaging | Storytelling | Personas | Segmentation | Positioning | Campaign Development | Competitive Intelligence | Content Marketing | Copywriting | Creative Briefs | Customer Interviews | Digital Marketing | Market Research | Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Survey Design and Execution | Pricing Strategy | Website Strategy/UX | Event Production | Email Marketing Campaigns | Project Management | Account Management
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Managed regional marketing plans for 34 franchised business owners, which included adding new locations and learning about the local market
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This company full-time

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Continuum Travel Established: 10/14/2019
Accessible vacation travel planning for people that are not completely handicap (not wheelchair bound)

In life, is it better to be an asshole or easy going?

Angela's Answer
Easy going. That lets you be an asshole every once in a while but lets you enjoy the ride.

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