Is social media empowering people or making them stupid?

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We are looking to network with the community of those with the entrepreneurial spirit so we can innovate and grow with our environment.
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Passionate about connections and will always put people first; dreaming to invent products to put a smile on people's faces.
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I enjoy talking to my market. I want personal feedback because what is a product without potential clients. I don't wish to remain in my developer head, I want to collect real data to analyze and provide real results.
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Coding, communication, enthusiasm, creativity and willpower.
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We have attended multiple networking events, including tabling and Longmont's eForAll pitching event.
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A product to make busy people- whether that's our 9-5ers or college students- have more time by modernizing their grocery shopping experience.

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Is social media empowering people or making them stupid?

Nimra's Answer
Social media is a chaotic good. It can drive people to vanity but also help promote subjects on a global scale. Personally, I like to use social media to stay in touch with the world, but I understand after the hostile Kardashian take-over, we have a very delicate balance on what people use it for.

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