Can you explain the ultimate goal of your life?

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I'm Looking For
I'm looking to meet new people and hopefully clique with a developer who'd like to work on projects together, as that is a skill set that I don't possess.
Quick Summary
I am an entrepreneur that currently runs accelerators programs remotely across the US
I Enjoy
I enjoy building business models and side hustles - high growth startups are pretty cool too ;)
My Skills
I have a deep understanding of how to help a business get from 0 - 1,000 customers. That's my bread and butter.
My History
I was a partner at a Digital Agency that was sold in 2014, a founder of a startup that raised money and shut down in 2016, and am currently a partner at a company that manages and runs startup accelerators in 5 states in the US
I'm Building
I have a few side projects that I am working on, but nothing definite. I'd love to team up with a developer to help me grow this projects into true products and businesses.

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Can you explain the ultimate goal of your life?

Keevin's Answer
My ultimate goal in life is to build a business that funds my life. That could be a small $1-10M venture, or a true high growth startup.

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