What amazes you every time you think about it?

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I'm looking for a young company with an awesome team to join!
Quick Summary
I have a curious brain that is constantly stimulating a voracious appetite for knowledge and data, which comes handy when assessing business prospects from a structural point of view.
I Enjoy
Solving customer needs in a smart way!
My Skills
Problem solver, critical thinker, business background (MBA), engineer by trade, team member, family oriented, opportunity-driven, profit-seeking mindset.
My History
In the process of selling my coffee subscription (CEO and Co-Founder) business for a 3X revenue multiple. Also, just finished a Data Analytics certificate program at Cornell University. Born and raised in Colombia (South America), I went to a K-12 German school. I have played several sports during my life, a couple of them competitively, but golf has been a passion of mine since childhood. It evolved into a sort of therapy for me. I got an engineering (industrial) degree from Universidad de Los Andes (top 10 in LatAm), after I lived and worked in Germany for almost two years,. I have worked for both big multinational companies as well as small businesses and I tend to prefer small, young companies where the thrill of action and impact is most rewarding.
I'm Building
Currently working at a startup that surveys Oil & Gas assets with spectrometry equipment mounted on drones and pickup trucks measuring methane concentrations, processing the data, and providing business intelligence on it.

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8NewVenture Established: 08/06/2019

What amazes you every time you think about it?

Nicolás's Answer
That humans have the same genetic code from 10,000 years ago and we are living a COMPLETELY different lifestyle with that same software. Something needs to change!

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