Is social media empowering people or making them stupid?

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To meet programmer(s) interested in my startup and network in general
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I went to college when I was 13 and it messed me up in the head
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Seeing things I've thought up get built. Skiing. Other outdoor activities but skiing is number 1.
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Intermediate level programmer. React Native, React, Swift, Javascript, Java, Ruby on Rails
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Computer Science Degree. Dev Bootcamp attendee. My plan to get paid to code was derailed. It gave me time to hone this idea, and now that's what I'm working on.
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this app, this company: dietprefs

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dietprefs Established: 07/10/2019
Filter out food that doesn't meet your dietary preferences

Is social media empowering people or making them stupid?

Phillip's Answer
Making them stupid. I believe social media users can be split up into 4 qroups after being asked 2 questions. Do you post regularly? Do you feel like there's a community of friends engaging with your posts? If you said yes and yes (Y/Y) social media is making you stupid because it gives you only a sliver of what a real community can, yet occupies your time and fills an emotional need that would otherwise drive you to network in person. It's also possible you're focusing too much time on maintaining a personal brand or image that is not really you, which helps you in no way. If you said yes and no (Y/N) social media is making you stupid because it's making you depressed. You're trying, and failing at filling some social need on the internet. If you said no and yes (N/Y), I'm guessing you're famous, maybe you're getting empowered, but you're rare what's happening to you isn't widespread and is almost certainly accompanied by a real life community of fans/fellow activists. Finally if you said no and no (N/N) you're like me. You're either barely interested or burnt out, and social media is making you stupid because thinking about it makes you into a curmudgeon.

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