Is social media empowering people or making them stupid?

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I do not fail because I know everything, quite the opposite actually. However if I dont know I will ask and learn, then simply outwork everyone else.
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Being a dad, constantly working to improve my childrens life. I enjoy writing as well.
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Leadership, management, experience working with a variety of people to accomplish set goals.
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I have started companies before and I currently run my own business now.
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An app idea, that I believe is both unique and will be deeply personal for its users

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Is social media empowering people or making them stupid?

james's Answer
Social media is a great way to get an idea or product out. It is a great way to build awareness and find information to help. Social media is terrible to peoples self esteem and real life relationships. Social media is not an accurate depiction of life, it is the facade that you want people to see. You have people comparing their facade to others people's facade. Then you also have the people who become emboldened by the anonymity of social media say things that they would never say in a face to face situation. I believe social media could be good, just perhaps not how it currently is.

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