Can you explain the ultimate goal of your life?

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Looking to build a team and get assistance in financing my application idea
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I do not fail because I know everything, quite the opposite actually. However if I dont know I will ask and learn, then simply outwork everyone else.
I Enjoy
Being a dad, constantly working to improve my childrens life. I enjoy writing as well.
My Skills
Leadership, management, experience working with a variety of people to accomplish set goals.
My History
I have started companies before and I currently run my own business now.
I'm Building
An app idea, that I believe is both unique and will be deeply personal for its users

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Can you explain the ultimate goal of your life?

james's Answer
I do not honestly have an ultimate goal. To have an ultimate goal means that once you abtain it, you are done. I plan to keep working to better the life of my family and those around me, until the day I am laid to rest.

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