Is social media empowering people or making them stupid?

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Love building new stuff from scratch. I like to learning new stuff.
Quick Summary
Gets stuff done, balancing "Git'er done" with "It's beautiful!".
I Enjoy
Learning. Creating. Learning through creating.
My Skills
Software engineer/architect. Server work, lots of relational database, some NoSQL, mutlithreading, networking, performance optimization. Some front end, better at implementation than UX design, but can figure out what works. Some management experience, a little DevOps. But first love is development. Not shy about learning new tech.
My History
30 years of development. From Assembly to C to C++ to Java, some Go and Python and many, many more. Servers to web to Mobile to CableTV. Developed a couple of custom blockchains from scratch. Worked on IoT device and communications management software. Wrote a prototype software defined networking controller for optical networks. Worked on an early smart fridge. Financial databases (pricing history, analysis).
I'm Building
Kicking around a concept that marries a graph database to the concepts behind blockchain - but definitely NOT blockchain.

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Is social media empowering people or making them stupid?

Jim's Answer
Yes. Either (sometimes both), depending on the person.

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