What amazes you every time you think about it?

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I'm Looking For
My startup is gaining traction and I'm looking for a co-founder and technical talent.
Quick Summary
Highly motivated founder but not high-strung. Excited about the future
I Enjoy
Creating new things
My Skills
Ideation, patent writing, grant writing, fund raising, pitching, lean manufacturing, business development, project management, semiconductor processing, optical design, MEMS, materials characterization, Matlab, Comsol
My History
I have PhD in EE, worked for a couple startups/small companies and now I'm venturing out on my own
I'm Building
Developing a startup in advanced manufacturing currently funded through an SBIR grant.

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What amazes you every time you think about it?

Jeremy's Answer
The complexity of the human brain and the emergence of consciousness. Every time.

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