What amazes you every time you think about it?

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I'm Looking For
I want to connect with people working in startups to learn new ideas and possibly get some hands on experience on how the tech industry is in Boulder.
Quick Summary
I am a passionate and interactive college student who likes to learn new things.
I Enjoy
Hiking, Movies, Traveling and open to all sorts of adventure
My Skills
I am an undergraduate studying computer science at Colorado State University. I know HTML, CSS, Java, C, C++, SQL, and Python.
My History
I have interned in a cyber security firm in Los Angeles where I have scraped webpages to reduce online piracy using Python and BeautifulSoup4. I have also interned in a Bank where I worked on making the first Bank Facebook ChatBot in the Middle East Region.
I'm Building
I am wanting to enhance my skills and learn from the startup community. I am wanting some hands on experience in the real world and possibly to get a full time job.

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What amazes you every time you think about it?

Adhi's Answer
Talent and perseverance that someone took to achieve that goal.

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