Can you explain the ultimate goal of your life?

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I'm Looking For
I'm just starting a new augmented reality climbing company and I'd love to find talented people to work with, share ideas with, and befriend.
Quick Summary
I like to make things. All things, from meals to markets and from connections to products.
I Enjoy
Everything, literally. But, especially good conversations about ideas, their depth, their strength, and their impact.
My Skills
I'm a jack of all trades with good business analysis and strategy chops. I have an engineering background and have designed physical products. Currently I am working on building my software engineering skills.
My History
Previously, I was working on the design and business development of rock climbing training solutions. This involved introducing new products to a well educated and passionate marketplace.
I'm Building
Currently, I'm building an augmented reality rock climbing application for gyms that I hope to extend to other sports and to consumers. I hope to have a positive impact on people's climbing experiences, make them stronger athletes, and add a new revenue source for climbing gyms.

Garnet's Ventures
Randori Established: 05/14/2019
Augmented reality rock climbing experiences for climbing gyms, universities, and schools.

Can you explain the ultimate goal of your life?

Garnet's Answer
I want to see everything, build a lot of things, meet a lot of people, and learn more and more and more.

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