Why is it absolutely better to shower at night rather than the morning?

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I'm looking for meaningful, challenging work.
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I'm an internet plumber and I don't do windows.
I Enjoy
I enjoy talking to chickens, agriculture, brewing, the outdoors, and large, complicated and potentially dangerous machinery.
My Skills
I can certainly code. I can parachute into nowhere and "go native". I'm good with math, science, understanding and fixing things... pretty much any thing. I weld, I wrench, I build (real) stuff, I cook. I've jumped out an airplane with a parachute I packed myself, and I used to own a 41 foot sailboat.
My History
I did "good will hunting" but they didn't make the movie about me, although that's how I learned VAX/VMS. The coursework I did get credit for was numerical analysis, which they now ironically consider part of machine learning. I've worked in factories and biotechs. I've done a lot of internet plumbing and working with data. I've been to Prudhoe Bay and nowhere in particular in Nevada... in the same year.
I'm Building
I built the NVidia fork of Caffe on SuSE Leap 15, and I'm playing with that. I've also got a creepy wifi project.

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Why is it absolutely better to shower at night rather than the morning?

Fred's Answer
If you shower in the dark, the water isn't as startled when it comes out of the tap.

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