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I'm creating a platform for the authentication of art and the execution of authenticated transactions.
Quick Summary
My nickname is oldstogie and I've endured many jokes about my last name. I still wince when someone says, "I smell smoke."
I Enjoy
Hugging trees. I'm not just saying that. I enjoy hugging trees. I also enjoy walking around without a cell phone.
My Skills
Paul Newman said it best as Butchy Cassidy: "I've got vision and the rest of the world wears bifocals."
My History
I created a product call "Sofia's Botanical Sea Bath Creations" -- a high-end body care product that was produced by two different manufacturers in the late '80's. I was a producer and actual funding agent for a television production called "The Boulder Show", where I was also a regular guest. The show was funded by Jared Polis before he ran for congress.
I'm Building
My project is a platform that provides greater social equity for visual artists (i.e., People who paint, draw, build sculptures out of matchsticks, etc..). There are a dozen or more key issues addressed through site functionality: 1) Transactional method is coin-based, cutting costs and facilitating better connections across international borders; 2) self-agency is promoted, versus "trusted third-party" agency, even though the platform does provide centrality of specific types of service; 3) artists with disabilities, or who identify as such, are sought and facilitated; 4) children under parental supervision can sell their art through a secure and safe method, without compromise of identity; 5) almost any transaction can be made securely without compromise of identity; 6) the site offers block-chain authentication with encrypted chips that complete block-chain transactions when a product (or project) is delivered to a pre-set (encrypted) location; 7) the site offers working tools that can assist artists with face-to-face representation of their own work using specific commodified "art" products (i.e., reproductions encased in acrylic and other unique commodified objects); 8) a method of communal financial support in the form of "opt-ins" that distribute profits to groups or the entire membership of the site (i.e., all who agree to donate 5 percent of their sales to every other member of the site, receive the in-kind dividend; this method shareable to user groups such as grade school classes, etc..); 9) there are NO featured artists, except through incidental mention via newsletter; the least popular artists are technically kept on the identical footing as "successful" artists; there are no artists with high sales volume, for instance, featured on the front page even though there may be a "15 minutes of fame" long-rotation method for promoting product in a fun and equitable manner; 10) people searching the site can opt-in for AI guidance, or search manually by category, (etc..); 11) the platform would promote live events featuring genre or category-specific attendance, and would seek to elevate public awareness through these events; 12) the site would offer specific e-wallet benefits, or crypto-coin price reversion dividends -- to participating artists. --- RS

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5NewVenture Established: 05/28/2019

What amazes you every time you think about it?

Rob's Answer
That my closest relationship seems to be with a cat.

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