Is social media empowering people or making them stupid?

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I'm Looking For
I am looking for information on pitching my startup.
Quick Summary
I am an entrepreneur in the early stages of my startup looking for information, advice, and introductions.
I Enjoy
I enjoy problem solving, making things better than when I found them, and creating something from where there was once nothing. I also enjoy coaching my son and his teammates in youth sports.
My Skills
I have great tenacity, resolve, and imagination. I am an out-of-the-box thinker who doesn’t back away from nearly impossible challenges. My solutions often start where most people stop. The inverse of the 80-20 rule is where I find opportunity begins. I am confident that I can do what it takes. I am an acute reader of people and situations. I have a great deal of experience in business risk assessment and I am open to taking substantial educated risk. I am an experienced generalist, scientist, and business owner.
My History
I have been a successful scientist in the energy industry for the past 24 years and a business owner for the past 13 years.
I'm Building
The pandemic has forced me to pivot into an area that I always wanted to try, being a startup entrepreneur. I am currently in the early startup and IP protection phase. I have submitted 3 ideas for patent this year with 5 more to go. I am reading recommended books, attending every startup seminar I can find, and absorbing as much through osmosis as I can. Soon it will be time to actively seek out advisors, cofounder, partners, and customers.

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Is social media empowering people or making them stupid?

Tor's Answer
It is extremely empowering and playing field leveling. But unfortunately it can empower stupid people to be stupid and stupid groups of people to be stupid together.

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