Assuming you create stories (daydreams) in your head, what might a typical one entail?

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Creating things that don't yet exist. Listening to music. Reading a good story.
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Mainly software and web development. I branched out into creative writing in effort to bring attention to my software company which had already produced 2 games. I eventually also branched out into supporting graphics artists. At the time, I was struggling to make a presence and I did not know how to market my work. I wondered how many other people must suffer the same way. During this process, I worked with dozens of other writers and I realized I really enjoyed it. There's some really great stuff out there, just dying to get noticed. I've helped high-potential artists and writers to feel that they have a purpose and that their work is being recognized. That might be enough for some, but for me I'm just getting started.
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I have several projects in the backburner, but my primary focus at this time is working on the Pagebacker book sharing platform (

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Assuming you create stories (daydreams) in your head, what might a typical one entail?

David's Answer
It always starts with intervention. For example a guy just enjoying a newspaper and drinking his coffee unexpectedly gets a helicopter visit in his driveway. Then it follows with the guy being asked to get in the helicopter, there's no time, etc. If the guy says no then further pressure will push him out his current situation. Almost like Bilbo Baggins and his visit from the dwarves after he rejects Gandalf. If he accepts, then he's given an explanation and his life turns upside down. Said guy must abandon his core beliefs in order to embrace a new truth. This is of course all symbolic of religious conversion, and -- ironically -- it is used in most stories almost religiously. Once accepting the truth, guy proceeds onto journey where he must fight one or more source of "evil" in order to protect the ones he loves. In the end, the evil is triumphantly overcome and guy is able to return to his normal life. Almost normal anyway; the taste of his coffee just isn't the same as it used to be.

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