Is social media empowering people or making them stupid?

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Looking for developers to contribute to open source project ETAbot (AI for Project Management)
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engineer-physicist from Siberia with entrepreneurial bug
I Enjoy
discovering, building, and delivering value to people
My Skills
engineering (full stack software, diverse hardware), physics, Data Science/ML; team building and leading
My History
ETAbot Inc (team and product); quantum memory with telecom fibers interface; atom and ion trapping, Nature Physics, PRL publications; 3 industries. 2 countries. 11 cities. Camp Banya at Burning Man. My family.
I'm Building
ETAbot Inc - AI for Project Management at night. Atomic clock at day time.

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1NewVenture Established: 01/17/2020

Is social media empowering people or making them stupid?

Alex's Answer
depends on a person. Like any technology it can be used or misused.

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